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Cosmic Code is a project from the artist, composer,  producer & DJ  Patrick Riesen from  Zurich Switzerland.

Grown up with music and over 20 years of playing in different rock and blues bands as a guitar player he got hooked on Psy- and Progressive Trance during  stays in Thailand back in the old days.

He started producing progressive trance in 2013 while he studied trance  & EDM at Pointblank in London. In 2014 he lunched the project “Cosmic Code“ .  He is always looking  for the perfect tune and a unique high quality of sound.  Signed under Juicy Noise Records, Berlin he released tracks such as “ Is that you?“, „Imagine“, „GAIA“ and  the EP „ALIVE“ in cooperation with Hideyo Blackmoon a vocalist, performare and DJ from Ibiza.   In the beginning of 2016 he joined MIXMASTERS.CH

Enjoy and follow Cosmic Code over social media or hear him play once live near your area. (Check out some Events here).

Where does he play?  Please check out upcoming events either here or on the official Facebook page.

Does he over free downloads?  Yes he does! You just need to sign up here to receive free downloads.

Upcoming new Album planned?  Yes, he is currently working on his second upcoming studio album with 7-9 new tracks.

Can I support Cosmic Code in a way?   If you want to suppport Cosmic Code please visit his side on; Support Cosmic Code.

How can I follow Cosmic Code?  Simple.  Just add Cosmic Code either at Soundcloud or Facebook.

Is he open for bookings?  Yes, Cosmic Code is open for bookings live or DJ set.

Thank you for you time and support.

Cosmic Code


Return of the Anunnaki

Cafete Bern 13.10.2016

Cafete, Bern, Cosmic Code, inthemix, mix, live

Cafete, Bern 18.08.2016

Club, Borderline, Basel, Cosmic Code, DJ

Club Borderline, 23.07.2016






Radio, Live, Cosmic Code, Streaming, Zürich – Radio Staton 10.06.2016

Cafete, Bern, DJ, Live, Club, Cosmic Code

Cafete Bern 16.06.2016


Agency: Juicy Noise Records, Berlin /


The artist

Nationality: Swiss

Resident in: Zurich