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E-TYPE has been working for >35 years as DJ and is one of the Swiss DJ legends of the starting decade of Techno and Trance. Well known DJ Names in that time: Bowers, E-Type, Steven One, …
E-TYPE has played on mayor Rave events and is one of the founders of Delirium. As an Club DJ Mr. Bowers has been working in well known Clubs in Europe like the P1 in Munich.
He made a name bei producing DJ Mixes for Swiss Radio DRS-3 (Lets Dance) and Radio 24 and has the Guiness World Record in Non-Stop Disco Mixing and is Teaching DJs. Since 2011 Mr. Bowers works as an combo togehter with VICKY WHOW, a coming up female DJ aka. Mrs. Wilkinson in the Combo Bowers / Wilkinson. E-TYPE Officially resigned on his 50th birthday.

In catchwords:

1969: Stefan Noth – Pfäffli is born
1984: Starting as DJ “Steven One”
1984 – 1990: Youth Discos (Thunderbolt, Tanzdiele Matten, Mirage, Black)
1986: Guiness World Record in Nonstop Discomixing
1990: the first official Techno party at the old casern area, Zurich
1991: The first Streetparade and Energy
1992: Left Delirium and called him self “E-Type”
1992: Label: City Sound Switzerland
1992: Underground against Aids, first Charity Rave Festival
1992 – 1996 Produced some well known major Trance tunes
1993-2002: Main Act as E-Type
2003-2014: Sabbatical as E-TYPE
2003-2011: Playing Styles from A-Z at company parties, birthdays and weddings (still now)
2011: Bowers & Wilkinson formed as a DJ and Artist Duo
2012: StarAid & Social Charity
2012: Sound Light DJs – DJ Agency, Sound & Light rental equipment
2013: Club Manger
2014: 30 Anniversary as a DJ & Holi Festival Main Act
2015: Founder an Manger of – The school for DJs
2016 E-TYPE on Tour with mixmasters
2017 E-TYPE on Tour with mixmasters
2018 Farewell Tour
2019: Officially resigned on his 50th birthday. – Sold mixmasters
2020: 2 Tribute Mixes
2021: Only plays at company parties, birthdays and weddings
2022-2033: a Farewell event like Street-parade.



Phone: +41 79 701.37.91


The artist

Nationality: Switzerland

Resident in: Worldwide & Switzerland